Like "Mother," except it's not.

DISCLAIMER: This is far from finished. Big oof.

A game made for Weekly Game Jam - Week 50

An unfinished top down RPG where players would have played two characters. A scholar from the past in on a mysterious quest and a kid in a future where monsters now roam the world. Together there stories will tell what happened to the world and maybe how to fix it. 

Best played in window view as UI doesn't scale with full screen as of now.  Game is essentially over once you hit the dialogue in the second level. 

Thanks for playing and for feedback!


Movement - WASD

Interact - Space

Melee/Telepathic Attack - Right Click

Ranged - Left Click


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delayed fire action , enemy attack doesnt seem to disappear when hit with my enegry ball, lots o' bugs. song's good but not that  great . art quality is very good . ill rate it 7.7/10


Very good ambiance for this game. It feels like a solid game at the beginning. The style is very good, the music is forgettable but really sets the mood. The gameplay feels smooth enough.

The footsteps are so loud, though. And maybe the hitboxes of the trees and bushes are too large.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Yeah thanks.   I ended up using the Tilemap for the colliders for the sake of time so had less control.